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movies and the lizard rhys hyphens from the 2012 amazing spider-man not to mention dr strange but this trailer seems to be playing some vfx trickery because i highly doubt peter’s facing all these threats by himself that’s right his backup sanic and track i’m gonna go through this frame by frame to find all the easter eggs and details that this trailer is hiding this video is sponsored by our friends at heroes journal more on them later let’s get started ever since i got bit by that spider i’ve only had one week where my life has felt normal that was when you found out we open on sad peter parker his face bruised and bleeding tears and rain seems like the end of the movie so who is peter morning who’s gonna die well the trailer suggests mj but it could just as easily be like ned aunt may happy hogan or shrek this could also be an ending where peter in order to save those he loves and those he doesn’t want to harm must exile himself to a reality in the multiverse where he is a stranger with no way home where it rains a lot called seattle peter tells mj that the week between her finding out that he was spider-man and far from home and mysterio and j john and jameson outing him in the post-credits in that movie was his one normal week ever since the spider bit him now this is only the second time peter has mentioned his spider bite an origin we never actually saw in the mcu just kind of glossed over in homecoming you got bit by a spider can you bite me well it probably would have hurt right you know whatever even if it did hurt i’ll let it by maybe how much did it hurt the spider’s dead ned so no way home could finally be the film the mcu flashes back to the exact circumstances of peter’s spider bite especially if this movie does introduce him to the toby maguire and andrew garfield versions of the character whose bites and web slinging abilities took alternate forms peter and mj swing past j jonah jameson’s daily vehicle broadcast until it switches to his own face half-mast with public enemy number one number one does no one care that nexus witches exist just go talk to those survivors in westview or to mr dell you know being a man of science witches and in the shot you can see how mj’s hair is blocking peter’s view and that nearly causes him to smack right into that screen and only when it clears does he finally whip to the side then peter and mj perch on the queensborough bridge you can see over to the side there this is right next to the roosevelt island tramway the setting of green goblin showdown with toby maguire peter parker in the first rainy spider-man film let’s move on when you botched that spell where you wanted everyone to forget the peter parker spider-man we started getting some visitors as peter and mj jump from that bridge you can see mj is wearing the same joan of arc t-shirt that she wore at the end far from home which in addition to being a reflection of mj’s feminine pride was itself an easter egg holly back zendaya’s joan of arc look at the 2018 met gala then they glide through the subway tunnels somehow missing morbius despite his best efforts to sneak into this universe and obviously they do this to escape the helicopters tracking them but also following cap’s advice for how best to escape the city you take them to the basement or to the subway you keep them off the streets someone’s been watching his cat psas and then as they nearly run into a train for a brief second the train screen flashes red and m the m train that’s right spider-man narrowly avoided the mepisto train run all you want spider-man we all float down here nah alright earbuds the m line actually runs through queens so this train is likely coming from queens and peter’s just trying to get home but there’s no way home thanks emma now you’ll notice benedict cumberbatch’s audio sound stitched together here when you botched that spell where you wanted everyone to forget the peter parker spider-man as many of his off-screen lines actually sound in this trailer there are others out there we need to send them back they’re starting to come through and i can’t stop him this is the first time for me in the marvel universe i am guessing that cumberbatch is just so fluid with his line reads with more revelatory terms bleeding into the trailer dialogue making it harder to cut around now the from behind shot of peter shows him wearing a dark blue jacket clearly a different scene than the shot of peter with the plaid shirt when the spell occurs him in the jacket actually matches with the shot of the first trailer where the lizard was swiping at peter so doctor strange may have actually caught the lizard on his own while peter was dealing with doc rock and goblin on the bridge we see more of the exact moment that peter tampers with the spell causing the golden bands to tremble and then explode outward and again there are four of these bands maybe four each of the four universes that get crossed over in this movie the mcu the raimi verse the webverse and the venomverse and as they illuminate the room you can see that the blue merc that previously surrounded them dissipates presumably that was going to be the cold and drowsy humor that doctor strange was trying to conjure to just simply erase people’s memories but now the golden reality warp bands tear the room to pieces around them now that we’ve seen venom let their re-carnage that movie’s post-credit scene seems to be showing a similar process a bright golden light fills the room and then reality warps the room’s decor that could explain why we have all these random odds and ends in this dungeon later on it’s just a bunch of crap that got redecorated after the reality warped i’ve compared this imagery to wanda maximoff’s reality warping in one division and i still believe strange might be under wanda’s spell which is clearly what wandavision was setting up and could explain why strange so willingly helps peter warp reality because remember wanda is looking for a reality where her children could still be alive moving on from every universe hello peter i love it green goblin is here he looms in through the smoke of his own pumpkin grenades riding his glider meanwhile strange explains that these visitors are coming from every universe meaning doctor strange might have been previously aware of alternate universes like the raimi verse which would give interesting meaning to the line he said to tony stark back in infinity war protecting your reality douchebag then electro’s bolts blast through the ground toward peter who wears this new black and gold suit this suit’s kind of a mess there’s loose wires poking out duct tape all over the place actually later you can see mj and ned are on a smartphone duct taped to his chest apparently facetiming all this i am guessing this mission might be to catch electro and they have to do it in a way without peter’s iron spider armor maybe by turning his old suit inside out so all the wiring is now exposed or maybe his nanotech suit can’t be relied on after he ran into doc ock or this could just be a new suit that they rigged up to be more resistant to high voltage let’s move on to the next clip you’re not peter parker ah yes license plates so i pointed out in past videos how the cars on this bridge seems to have specific license plates that could be pointing to specific comic book issues something spider-man director john watts actually does in all of his movies here doc and peter passed a plate reading jnd79wn which doesn’t seem to directly translate to anything in particular unless maybe you try to stretch j and d being for jessica drew spider-woman who did first appear in marvel comics in 1976 but later here is a clearly overt one asm 8183 john watts always uses asm to refer to amazing spider-man and then a specific comic book issue followed by the year but this could be interpreted a couple different ways actually there was a spectacular spider-man not amazing spider-man issue 81 in 83 which mixes up spider-man with cloak and dagger punisher and a certain bald baddie who’s gonna come stomping into the mcu soon shrek i mean kingpin yes i have theorized that kingpin wilson fisk could be revealed in hawkeye and could be the sixth villain of the sinister six in this movie but alternatively there’s also an amazing spider-man number 183 that was released in august 8th month in the year 1973 in which peter gets attacked by a big wheel while aunt may is hospitalized this could just be a joke about how the wheel of this car is flying at peter right now but then beneath the bridge doc ock jams his claw at peter and i love how john watts uses a whip pan the same kind of camera movement that sam raimi would often use for dock in the 2004 film but notice how doc ock’s arms now have a red and gold coating to them and a chunk of peter’s nanotech is missing from his chest he actually has to reallocate the nanobots from his helmet to his chest to protect himself from the blow in a later trailer shot shows that doc ock straight up absorbs peter’s nanotech armor from his suit and this is crazy because doc ock comes from an alternate universe where stark tech does not exist how can it be compatible with this tech well if you think about it his arms are actually controlled via a neural link that was fused to spinal cord and stark nanotech seems to be controlled via a kind of neural link as well so maybe that is how doc ock can hack into it i’m just excited to see nanotech on the loose in the mcu could be a major plot point in shows like armor wars also a little vfx detail that i appreciate peter’s necktie dangles from the open nanotech hole where his chest is but as that nanotech shifts and seals that hole it tucks the necktie back in meanwhile when tom holland’s face is revealed doc ock says you’re not peter parker answering our questions from the first trailer as to why doc would see this version of spider-man and recognize him as peter from his universe it’s just because doc ock saw someone i guess who looked like spider-man and assumed that would be toby’s face underneath but what i like about this line is it does confirm the existence of a toby maguire peter parker somewhere in this merged spider-verse and makes his cameo even more likely let’s move on i’m sorry what was your name again dr otto octavius wait no seriously what’s your actual name sounds like the kids are okay boomerang doc ock about his name i like how ned is holding a crossbow might have been something he picked up from strange and wong’s artifacts that they use for things like vampire hunting because we know a lot of these are coming in the mcu meanwhile mj’s necklace i love this detail it’s actually a broken piece of the black dahlia necklace that peter bought for her in venice and later ended up broken when he gave it to her in that movie she’s so loyal what a keeper but i mean it’s mj she likes it better than it’s broken and then here we see how doc actually retains the red and gold nanobots from peter’s suit on his arms he might have actually absorbed all of the nanobots for all we know and then as doc turns his head these claws like snakeheads turn their heads too we’re not really sure how much these arms are listening to him or he’s listening to them i like to think they listen to me now next clip there are others out there we need to send them back so scooby doo this crap you know all this is kind of your mess i know a couple of magic words myself starting with the word please please scooby-doo this crap okay amazing set piece here the freaking statue of liberty keeping the tradition of landmark set pieces like the washington monument the venice grand canal tower bridge in london but now with huge cranes over it attaching a massive captain america shield you can see a banner hanging from the scaffolding reading lady liberty the newest avenger and you can actually see those words on a bus stop ad for it later on now we just saw liberty island used as an example of how the world has gone to crap during the blip with all the loose boats moored up to it but now it seems as though the government is using lady liberty as a way of celebrating the avengers victory for when cap stood his ground facing the abyss and found backup from opening portals behind him as we pray peter parker will receive some backup from other peters in this scene if you remember this was kind of foreshadowed and far from home when mysterio’s illusion trapped peter in a snow globe where the statue of liberty rose up beside him and earlier peter stood among giant statues of his fallen avenger heroes with him standing on a giant captain america shield now of course using the statue of liberty as a final battle set piece has been something that pretty much all superhero movies have avoided because it was done back in one of the first big marvel movies x-men in 2000 which is the marvel movie where kevin feige got his start as an associate producer we’re coming full 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scooby-doo this crap just another example of the mcu folding in all of pop culture into their universe kind of like how eternals just cited other warner properties like superman and batman and then a preview clip of hawkeye mentioned katniss everdeen from hunger games but strange telling them to scooby-doo this problem does cast this group as a kind of mystery inc like mj would be velma peter probably shaggy ned scooby and happy and aunt may fred and daphne they’re useless and always trying to why don’t you mind your own business pal but like in scooby doo the kids of this movie might end up unmasking the real villain behind it all which according to scooby doo lore is more often than not the old man jenkins who hired them in the first place so just add this to the list of reasons to be super suspicious of doctor strange in this movie he may be the witch who would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for that meddling nedlin moving on you’re flying out into the darkness to fight ghosts what do you mean they all die fighting spiderman it’s their fate so we see a combination of electro and sandman attacking cops and news vans but now standing inside the daily bugle van is our man jk simmons it’s j jonah jameson giddy smile on his face as he realizes he’s getting a great scoop and as electro blasts away you can see his humanoid shape flashing like lightning from spot to spot now of course his lightning color is now yellow not blue like in the amazing spider-man 2 but since doc ock can absorb nanotech i think a lot of these villains might adapt new features as they transition into the mcu i love doc ock chilling us with this line you’re flying out into the darkness to fight ghosts for one it doubles down on this ghostbusters parallel of peter’s mission but also alfred molina is looking directly into the camera here as if this is how he shuts up those kids for laughing about his name reminding them that they will be facing madmen who should be dead who now think that they’re in some kind of purgatory or hell and therefore they have nothing to lose dr strange says that all these people died fighting their version of spider-man but that definitely wasn’t the case for sandman at the end of spider-man 3. peter parker forgave him and let him go making us wonder geez toby what did you do after spider-man 3. did flynn marco break your damn door fix this then peter leaps after a pumpkin grenade as it explodes in front of him this actually looks like the lobby of that same building the one with the police cars outside the same one we later see electro on sandman outside of in the lobby that aunt may seems to be charging through i also think based off of the swat swarming around it that is where happy hogan is so ugh between happy and may that’s two very worrisome options for who this pumpkin grenade may be targeting but peter does seem to be wearing a new incarnation of his iron spider nanotech that probably protects him from this explosion you can see that gold emblem stretching across his shoulders that’s completely new the guy’s got a million suits in this franchise and in that shot he appears to be talking to aunt may after the explosion so i’m thinking she’ll be okay happy though i don’t know but an explosion does destroy the entrance emitting a green fire which actually continues to burn green on that piece in the lower right so i’m wondering that this could be part of goblin’s weaponry and then on the right is a beast truck feast is peter parker’s homeless outreach organization and it has a big hole torn out of the side of the truck like someone might have used this truck as perhaps a trojan horse that they burst out of in the attack moving on i’m sorry kid yeah me too don’t look there has to be another way there isn’t they’re a danger to our universe so deciding that he does not want to send these villains to their certain deaths either realizing that if he’s worthy of redemption so must they be or after a mysterio he doesn’t want any villain blood on his hands peter whips and snatches that green cube artifact as it levitates between strange’s hands i’m assuming this is some kind of pokeball pocket prison that dr strange is either storing the villains inside of or some kind of mechanism that allows him to return them to sender i love this peter is strung between two portals strange must have tricked peter by opening one portal in the direction he was already whipping and then another one immediately behind him so that peter ended up whipping his own foot genius but in this shot i mentioned before aunt may looks super emotional and she’s carrying some device looks metallic cylindrical and glowing green a bit could this be some form of goblin’s tech then doc ock tries to crush peter’s head which then leads to the nanobot spreading across his mechanical arms this actually might have been a defense mechanism by the nanobots to keep the claws from crushing the helmet but then those bots fused with otto’s neural link allowing him to inherit them onto the next clip you’re not gonna take this away from me you’re struggling to have everything you want while the world tries to make you choose so peter swings through the scaffolding at the base of the statue of liberty but you’ll notice the statue is bronze colored not the green color we know today that’s because when the statue was originally assembled in france in the 1880s its copper plating made it a dull brown color and then over the next 30 years it oxidized green the color we now know it as so maybe this statue is actually restored as part of its newest avenger redo actually in shots of peter perched on the crown you can see streaks of green in those spikes as if this oxidation was being scrubbed off then we get our first clear look at jamie foxx as electro he wears this chunky gear that seems to help conduct the electric current and it all seems to be stemming from a chest component that almost looks like an arc reactor like a spare one from stark’s tech just be another piece of stark tech that one of these spidey villains could hijack and repurpose he does seem to fire a powerful blast that seems like it’s a mixture of repulsor blasts and then i love this as the electricity courses over his head it makes the yellow starburst shape of elektro’s classic spark mask from the comics then we get a nice close-up of green goblin on his glider as well as a quick flash of a goblin without his helmet wearing flight goggles i’m just thinking this is a blurry willem dafoe face because if alternate goblins or hobgoblin was in this movie i don’t think they would reveal james franco ordained a han goblin in a shot like this but you’ll notice he drops in with a swarm of razor bats you remember those nasty things from the first raimi film and then a dodc swat unit swarms in on the building department of damage control these are the authorities who arrested interrogate peter and they seem to hear it be in the apparent aftermath of that green explosion and then a juiced up version of doctor strange’s spell blast out from liberty island expanding far into the sky maybe that cube broke open causing the barriers between realities to open even wider more thoughts on this in a bit but onto the next clip this is all my fault i can’t save everyone okay so electro sandman’s giant face and lizard leap across the statue of liberty scaffolding towards spider-man but clearly lizard is jumping towards something else that must be positioned beneath spider-man that’s been scrubbed from the frame actually in the brazilian version of this trailer the cut was left long enough to show lizard recoiling as if something kicked him in the head something that was removed from this trailer and i think it’s a very good chance that in the theatrical version of the scene that is going to be andrew garfield spider-man maybe toby maguire spider-man but garfield peter has a history with lizard actually elektra was also an andrew peter villain sandman was the toby peterville and tom’s really the odd one out here but this shot just makes it seem like it’s three versus one but compositionally it makes far more sense for this to be three versus three kind of like how the profile collision shot in civil war was equal numbers on both sides and when peter tells aunt may that he can’t save everyone i think the subtext to that is that he can’t do it alone and he’s gonna get some in-game style backup from his peter variants now i fully respect sony for not putting toby and andrew in the trailer but fans have been so ravenous with speculation i think it’s a foregone conclusion at this point still i think we’re gonna scream like doc brown when we see them let’s move on so the giant captain america shield crashes through the scaffolding causing ned and mj to lose their balance and mj falls in slow motion with framing pretty similar to gwen stacy’s fault in the amazing spider-man 2. peter dives after her reaching out his hand is he going to catch her while many are asking whose hand this actually is it’s definitely tom holland peter parker’s hand based on the glove design in the new suit he is wearing in the sequence but the parallels to andrew garfield peter parker and gwen stacy’s death are pretty strong enough here that it would not surprise me if sony pulls another vfx switcheroo and replaces tom’s hand with the life-saving grasp of shrek i’m kidding andrew garfield who would refuse to let another peter parker love interest die the same way his gwen stacey did you’ll notice that the two hands here are framed perfectly with one world trade center in the background just as this building does looming over gwen stacy’s funeral in the 2014 film let’s move on to the final clip what’s happening they’re starting to come through and i can’t stop him so it looks as though that spell that blasted outward from the statue of liberty has left this crack in the sky like the cracks in space formed when the multiverse shattered and loki or the shattering of reality walls and what if now these cracks were once orange like the golden bands of dr strange’s spell but now a purple glow has overtaken the orange color as this glows in from what lays beyond purple has tended to be the color of dark magic in the mcu the color of dormammu in the dark dimension the color of agatha harkness’s dark magic but the question is what or who has started to come in through these cracks that doctor strange cannot keep out well interdimensional threats like dormammu or schuma gorath or demons from the what if episode four always seem to be a threat to doctor strange maybe we’re looking at a symbiote hive or kang variants i don’t think it has to be one big threat but like the sinister six spawning throughout the mcu any number of out of place outsiders suddenly appearing from different universes and i think it is interesting that they chose the statue of liberty as the focal point of all of this the gateway to a new world for the tire the poor the huddled masses yearning to breathe free a symbol chosen specifically for that x-men final battle for that reason as part of magneto’s plan to transform world elites into poor huddled mutants from a shining beacon in lady liberty’s torch no way home is clearly a prelude to doctor strange and the multiverse of madness which i’m pretty sure is going to be the mcu’s version of the scarlet witch house of the m storyline which is the nexus point of mutant existence in the multiverse if we are seeing the moment that break in reality occurs and if doctor strange has any link whatsoever to the scarlet witch which we know from one division that he does then kevin feige might have chosen the statue of liberty specifically for that parallel symbolism as the place that he when he got his start as a young associate producer on that x-men 2000 film personally shepherded marvel superheroes to take a huge leap forward on the big screen and he could be now bringing it full circle as a place mutant kind arrives on the shores of the mcu well that is everything i caught in this magnificent no way home trailer but we will be making plenty more videos about this in the days and weeks to come so support this channel by checking out our merch options at newrockstarsmerch.com follow me on instagram and twitter at eavos following your rockstar subscribe to rockstars for breakdowns of everything you love it’s late in the night i can’t talk anymore

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