IMPOSSIBLE ODDS from Level 1 To Level 100

59.651.170 visualizações28 de jul. de 2020

evel one [Music] i’ll never surrender as the levels get higher the odds get lower oh it’s stuck in the wreckage [Music] no way that is barely on i’ll never surrender so i was actually trying to aim for that bin we’ll just call that level 64. i’ve added a tape roll to a fan i’m going to spin it about this fast ping pong ball through the tape roll and we celebrate are you kidding me we’re going this fast dude yeah it looks like a spear you can’t even tell that it’s a table looks like a ball this fight ain’t over i’ll never surrender are you kidding me i missed all the cops how could that even be possible special delivery for level 90 we made a golf course in our backyard i’ve got a tennis container as a whole we’ve got a crack in our driveway as the t-box and we’ve got another hole down there i’m gonna hit the crossbar and then hit the ball in midair hope you’re watching [Music] [Applause] coach last time we asked for 100 000 likes and you guys gave us 700 000. this time we’re gonna go big can we get 1 million likes because i think level 100 deserves it you haven’t seen it yet it is one of the craziest trick shots we’ve ever done i’ve got a super small tape roll i’m going to throw it into the air somehow score a dart through the roll and pin it to a dartboard to make it 100 it’s got to be a bullseye in the small circle nothing else will work even if i got everything right the tape roll might be like this and i missed i’ll never surrender oh my goodness hit the button right now probably the hardest trick shot i’ve ever

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